How to Make Protein Powder | story how to make protein powder at home and what are the things needed to make protein powder
Flaxseed Benefits | flaxseed benefits for health high cholesterol diabetes immunity cancer heart attack strokes
Ration Cards | the government has issued a new registration facility for issuing ration cards how to apply
Protein Rich Flours | protein rich flour replacement for wheat atta gram chickpea soya sattu roasted bengal gram
Maharashtra Political Crisis | maharashtra ncp amol mitkari criticized governor bhagat singh koshyari over his statement
Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Sangli |  Water Resources Department Engineer arrested by acb for accepting bribe of 1 lakh
 Pune Crime | 42 lakhs extorted under the pretext of giving a petrol pump dealership in pune
Pune Crime | A young man working in an IT company was robbed by cyber criminals
Pune Child Sexual Abuse Case | pune former director general maruti sawants Punishment and fine in sinhagad road police station child sexual abuse case
Pune PMC News | Such a result of the change of power in the state Political pressure on Municipal Corporation to get Rs 12 crore for cable duct work Finally the Municipal Corporation floated tenders to earn income by paying the dues
Pune PMC News | Illegal commercial use of the land given for cows in Keshavnagar A flurry of brokers who get seats based on bogus evidence

Tag: शशिकांत शिंदे ताज्या बातम्या

Shashikant Shinde | devendra fadnavis wants to become maharashtra cm after eknath shinde and 16 others shiv sena mlas disqualify shocking revelation by ncp shashikant shinde

Shashikant Shinde | ‘…म्हणूनच भाजपने मुख्यमंत्रिपद घेतलं नसेल, ते ‘वेट अँड वॉच’च्या भूमिकेत’, शशिकांत शिदेंनी सांगितलं ‘प्लॅनिंग’

मुंबई : बहुजननामा ऑनलाइन - एकनाथ शिंदे (Eknath Shinde) आणि त्यांच्या समर्थकांनी शिवसेनेत (Shivsena) बंडखोरी करुन भाजपच्या (BJP) पाठिंब्याने राज्यात ...

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